Plastic Oceans Social Cause Campaign

About This Project:

Do you remember visiting the ocean as a child? The beaches so white, the water fresh and cool as it washed over your body, and the sun warm and comforting. Feeling nostalgic? Hang on to that.

The 1990’s brought on an increased production of single use plastic products. These items were hailed as making our daily lives easier and more convenient – a god-send for our generation. Almost 30 years later though, we are watching our landfills pile up and our oceans become polluted.

Remember that nostalgic feeling we talked about? In this poster and brochure I tried to to capture that spirit by relating the pressing issue of ocean pollution to the innocence of the vintage board game, Operation. Combining these two seemingly distant subjects brings drama and importance to this issue.

The brochure, that would act as a mailer, works as a “choose your own path” board game that provides the audience with facts and tips on how they can change the outcome that we are inevitably headed for right now.


This poster is published in Creative Quarterly 50 – May 2018.