FOUND. is a book that explores the beauty, mystery, and humor behind the items that people leave behind. In this book, I pair photographs of real found objects with poems and narrative text to create a dichotomy that allows the viewer to interpret the book in whatever manner they desire.

The solid but airy structure of FOUND. allows the viewer to flip through the book quickly in a few free minutes, or take their time and savor each page, with equal ease. The orange/red, yellow, and gray color palette create a quirky atmosphere that, for me at least, takes me back to my childhood when I had the time to sit and ponder the little anomalies of the world. This childlike sense of wonder is also emphasized through the use of the mis-matched typography throughout the headlines of the book.

The cover and binding techniques utilize ordinary objects such as rubber bands, duct tape, and black illustration board, in an unexpected way to hearken back to the object-ness that the book is founded on. Almost as if the cover could have been created out of any combination of other found objects.